Hans paddlax runt Sverige

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The adventure....

During the summer of 2010 I am going to make a journey. I will take my kayak around the shoreline of Sweden. From the Norwegian border close to Strömstad to Haparanda where Sweden meets Finland. From the west coast to the east coast and mainly from south to the north. The trip is 2400 km and will take about two months, or even a bit more. Start is planned to may 17th and I will experience the coast natur and culture during the most beautiful time of the year.

My ambition is not to be the fastest paddler or taking the shortest way. I will spend my day in the kayak and still allow myself to take a rest, talk to people i meet, taking a bath, enjoying nature etc. I am also trying to make as small impact on nature as possible. Windy or rainy days I'll have to read a book.

The kayak is home made during this really snowy winter in the garage. It is built from stripes of spruce and fibreglass/epoxi. Quite small volume and a light construction gives a need to really consider what is worth to carry with mee... See more about the Njord model. The paddle is a traditional Greenland model - also hand made.

The HBB adventures are documented at Havspaddlarnas blå band - there are several others before me - i might be the first one in a vehicle built be my own hand.


Please follow my diary and my trip - enjoy the photos of Sweden in summer - I will try to update information quite regularly. At least once a week an English summary i hope. You might also be able to find some statistics under the headline "tidsschema". Sorry for not providing a fully translated web site.


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